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Single engine 6 passenger plane, Flugzeuge von Vereinsmitgliedern – Quax Verein zur Förderung von historischem Fluggerät e.V.

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The GA took off for its maiden flight in Grob GA displayed at the Tiger Meet held in France. GA is designed and manufactured by Grob Aircraft of Germany.

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GA is powered by a single Lycoming AEIO D4D5 piston engine. The GA is a single engine basic trainer and aerobatic aircraft designed and developed by Grob Aircraft of Germany.

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It was derived from its predecessor GTA aircraft. The GA took off for maiden flight in and was put into service in GA training aircraft orders and deliveries In JanuaryLufthansa Flight Training LFT ordered three GA aircraft plus four optional.

Allied Wing procured 11 GA aircraft, of which nine were supplied to the Canada Wings Aviation Training Centre to accomplish primary flight training PFT for Canadian Armed Forces.

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Design The GA is of semi-monocoque design. It was designed to execute pilot screening, instrument flying, navigation and mission tailored tasks even in worst climatic conditions.

Grob G120A Basic Trainer Aircraft

The robust retractable landing gear design facilitates the aircraft to take-off and land on unprepared airstrips or short runways. It can execute instrument flight rule IFR training in non-icy conditions.

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The aircraft renders ideal training platform for the full range of conventional high-performance aerobatic manoeuvres, encompassing spins, inverted spins, loops, rolls, stall turns, outside turns and retrieval from any attitude. Features The GA features a robust and corrosion resistant airframe made up of carbon fibre composite materials.

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The lifespan of the airframe is expected to be 15, hours. The aircraft is equipped with push rods, flaps, ailerons, empennage and nose wheel steering. Cockpit The GA boasts of a spacious cockpit equipped with two Martin Baker 15B ejection seats adjacent to each other for accommodating a pilot and a student.

The seats can be conformed using rudder pedals and squab cushions.

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The 1. It is incorporated with electronic flight instrumentation system EFIS displays to carry out IFR training. The panoramic glass canopy renders all round clear visibility to the flight crew as well as enhances safety during aerobatic training.

An air conditioning system installed in the aircraft maintains constant temperature when operating under extreme temperature conditions.

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  4. Flugzeuge von Vereinsmitgliedern – Quax Verein zur Förderung von historischem Fluggerät e.V.
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Avionics The single engine 6 passenger plane suite installed in the GA includes Garmin global positioning system GPSelectronic horizontal situational indicator EHSIelectronic attitude director indicator EADItransponder, emergency locator transmitter ELT. It also houses automatic direction finder ADFinstrument landing system ILSdistance measuring equipment DMEG-meter and electronic engine data management EDM.

Engines The GA is powered by a single AEIO D4D5 six cylinder, horizontally opposed air cooled engine which produces kW of output power. Designed and built by Textron Lycoming Engines of US, the AEIO D4D5 is driven by a three-bladed constant speed Hartzell propeller made up of aluminium.

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The engine is equipped single engine 6 passenger plane a starter, spark plug, fuel injector, fuel pump, hydraulic pump drive and vacuum pump drive. Performance The GA can climb at the rate of 6.

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The range is 1,km and the service ceiling is 5,m. The take-off and landing distances are m and m respectively. The aircraft can remain in air for a maximum of 6.

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