The Balvenie – ein Whisky mit Charakter

Balvenie 21 single barrel review


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    Whisky Hamster scored this whisky 84 points 10 Mar pm Show in original language Short finish, peat not very well integrated in the distillate imho. Nose 87 87 fruity and floral with orangezeste, red fruit and even some chamomile perhaps, nutty, flirten ironisch in all together with the peat smoke reminiscent of charred wet wood, like a washed out campfirewood, a bit of a dirty note with some wet grass and hay and overripe, almost decaying oranges and overly sweet candy.

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    Taste 86 86 a bit of a sharp arrival, fruity-smoky oranges, ashy, wet wood again and more wood. Finish 85 85 dirty-earthy, wet wood, a bit of an alcoholic nip that lingers on but makes way for a syrupy smokiness with a sticky tong-coating touch.

    It's sweet, smoky and palatable, but it also could have done with some more fruitiness and overall complexity. Nose 83 83 Fresh herbal peat, a little meaty, lots of vanilla, honey, citrus, some aniseed and fresh wood notes.

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    Doesn't smell like 14 years of aging I would also have believed it to be half this agebut it's an ok nose. Taste 83 83 Very dry smoke, quite rough tasting needs wateralso sweet with vanilla and honey, lemon, dusty wood notes and a lot of white pepper.

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